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I'm a curious and charismatic fellow, a great listener, and an even better kisser. Allow me to put you at your ease for a sympathetic and sensual encounter. Lay your head on my chest, run your fingers through my beard, feel my warm and hairy body pressed up against yours.


Tell me your fantasies. I am your tender lover waiting for you at home, or your stern father willing to reward your obedience. Tell me what excites you, and together we will make it happen.

Whether you want my teddy bear body for cuddling or a more sweaty time (or both), your satisfaction awaits!


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Sexting $50/30 minutes

not currently meeting in-person (thanks, Delta!)

Please use the contact form below, or text me at the number found on the bottom of the page. I do not answer unexpected phone calls, however we can arrange a time for a brief conversation if you like.


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